One morning – near the end of the year – looking over the fields, his family’s heritage, Antonio got struck by his intuition. Tilling, ploughing, sowing, reaping and milling are the simple gestures that characterize the homemade dough and fresh pasta at the family owned restaurant: La Ventola.

The Polzella family has a keen eye for detail when it comes to their crop, to transform it and present them to the table, filled lavishly with their fragrance and quality. The Gentil Rosso, the Verna, the Spelled Monococco and the durum wheat Senatore Cappelli are amongst the quality wheat, grown in the fields overlooking the sea.

The laboratory of Antonio, is a unique place that everyone is welcome to visit. It can be found inside his restaurant. Once arrived there you can admire the old labour process of the miller. The wheat comes directly from the family’s soil and is milled right in front of your eyes. Various types of flour are used to create the dough’s, which are used in Antonio’s pizzas and bread; these unique flours are also available to be purchased separately.

When it’s time to harvest and press, father Giovanni gathers the family and so begin the days of oil. These days are experienced and marked as true tradition, where old and young put their heart and soul creating that where the extra virgin oil Hinθial is named after, the Etruscan soul.
The olive grove of the Polzella family thrives on the excellent sea breeze and the warmth of the sun shining down on the Tuscan coast, providing the essential healthy and genuine flavour to the oil, which enriches the dough of Antonio’s pizzas and bread.

The flours, minced and milled with traditional technique, used in Antonio’s dough, are highly and easily digestible, rich in both protein and recognition. The pizza brought to live by Antonio, is a process that starts at dawn: the refreshment of his mother yeast and dough, are the first two basic labours to attend to followed by, a slow leavening, the selection of wood to be used in the oven, alongside a careful selection of products ranging from slow food presidia and local companies in tune with his creativity, make come together the unique taste and fragrance of his pizza.


A tradition started by Father Giovanni who, together with his wife Lina, founding an enterprise completely run within the family, brought forward by his offspring Antonio and Marilena who, with commitment and tenacity, constantly evolving, supported by Marta and Davide. Giacomo, Mirea and Alyssa, the lastest addition to the bloodline, putting into practice the family tradition, will continue to shine the light on la Ventola.